How to Install Game Having an OBB File?

For defining what an OBB file is, I would like to step back to let you know about a little history. It was first created for the users who were or are not able to access the play store due to any reason. It’s also targeting the users who are already using particular apps and want something extra from it. So these modified versions have some additional advantages like games unlocked and never-ending cash, lives, and a more comfortable and better user experience.

When you will look to download the mod apk, you will find an OBB (stands for ordinary binary blob file). These files contain some cool features, better graphics which do enhance the usage of mod Apk. This means they are enhancing the mod Apk to a level of the official version so that users can enjoy it more.

Be noted as the size of the OBB file is large so try to make sure Wi-Fi is on before downloading it.

I want to recommend you that must use the OBB file along with Apk for smooth and better gaming. Without it, the mod apk doesn’t perform at its full potential.

To avoid any issues, I want to write step by step process of using the OBB file so that the user can use and install it with minimum effort.

How to Extract OBB File in your Android Phone

Requirements For OBB File

  • A working device with 4.0 or later android platform.
  • A working link is having an OBB file.
  • Latest ES file explorer to extract OBB file.
  • Available space on your disk as the OBB file usually is large.

Process For Extract The OBB file

If you have a working Android device, then your next concern will be ES file explorer. For your ease, I am copying a link to download it as below.

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Now you have ES file explorer installed on your device. The next step is to look for the mod apk and OBB files of your favorite game (almost mod apk and OBB files of all famous games are available on our page). Don’t forget to download OBB by Wi-Fi and save it on the SD card due to its large size.

  • Launch ES file explorer it will ask for the link of your mod apk and OBB file, select the folder where you have copied it.
  • First, you will need to install OBB before mod Apk. When you click OBB and the extract button will appear just click it.
  • ES file explorer will ask you for the location where you want to extract it, give it some familiar place in android storage.
  • After selecting a target location, it will ask for confirmation to start extraction. Click ok, and it will be started.
  • After finishing the process now you can enjoy superb graphics and more advantages, so enjoy the game.

You can apply the process although OBB is downloading, and it will work for all the websites.

Follow us and keep enjoying it!

Wrapping up

  • OBB file will give you added features in any mod game with better graphics and user experience.
  • Always download it to an SD card due to its large size.
  • Never forget to turn on Wi-Fi before downloading OBB.
  • ES Explorer is the best and easy extractor that can be downloaded from the link given above on the same page.
  • Give the target location for the extracted file.
  • Install the extracted file and enjoy it.

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