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2 2.7.1

Shadow Fight 2 is one of the most downloaded offline fighting game on the internet. Download the shadow fight 2 moded apk with the unlimited money features. Cheers!
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2 2.7.1
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The second part of the popular game. A fighting game for mobile devices that managed to absorb the best from the prequel and added a lot of new things. A world in which spectacular spectacles are at the same time merciless. And magic has a place to be. So it will not be possible to do with just tricks. The main boss will always be a worthy opponent. You will often have to study the enemy and think about the upcoming battle in advance.

The storyline tells about the main character. Becoming the best fighter, he traveled in search of a rival and stumbled upon the Gateway to the world of Shadows. To get inside, he opened the door and released the demons outside, which turned him into a shadow. Now he has to slay them all and bring the demons home.

In addition to battles and plot scenes, the RPG game also contains clothes for the hero and weapons. Improved parameters, new hits, and abilities. To win, you need to constantly improve your skills and weapons.

In the game, you have to cut mountains of enemies with claws, along the way learning skills and gaining experience.


  • A free game for Android
  • Unique combat mechanics
  • Battles against opponents from all over the world
  • A huge number of available weapons
  • Energetic and colorful battles
  • Cool storyline

Shadow Fight 2 levels

To be honest – the levels in Shadow Fight 2 are very difficult. Therefore, I will describe a few tips that can help you through the difficult stages of the game.

  • The pear must be beaten, it is not hanging for beauty. Seriously, practice on it will help you understand all the attacks and techniques that you can and should use against opponents afterward. When purchasing a new weapon, it is also worth checking it first on a pear. This way you can find out all the combinations of blows without risk.
  • You can leave a difficult level and go to survive or go through a duel. Thus, it will turn out to earn and buy or improve weapons, armor.
  • Completing tasks for obtaining achievements for which they give crystals.
  • Improvements. You will have to buy a game coin or real money. Doubting about the choice of weapons, it is better to spend money on armor.
  • The best tactic is offense, but only after the defense. First, we hold the defense, and at the right moment, we attack the enemy.
“Important: The maximum possible level of the hero is 52. After this development, the character no longer has.”

How to install the game

  • Android or IOS

To do this, go to Google Play or the App Store and find Shadow Fight 2. After downloading and installing.

  • Windows or MAC

To install and play Shadow Fight 2 on your computer, you need to follow the instructions:

  1. Download BLUESTACKS for MAC or Windows;
  2. Install BLUESTACKS on PC. This requires a network connection;
  3. Launch the emulator and log in to Google Play;
  4. Find Shadow Fight 2 game on Google Play and install;
  5. For convenience, you can display a shortcut on your computer desktop.

Game controls

Management is made intuitive and easy. Inside, game learning will help you quickly adapt and understand what’s what. You cannot customize the control. But you can connect a game controller. The connection takes place via Bluetooth or a USB transmitter connected via an OTG adapter. Modern gamepads will not cause problems.

But with the old ones, failures may occur, in order to solve them, you need to have ROOT rights on the smartphone.

How to play on the computer

You can set up a control in the game through BLUESTACKS on your computer. This will allow you to use the keyboard to quickly interact with the game.

You can customize, for example, the keys to attack the movement to the sides. So that you can control the battle from the keyboard. Thanks to this, attacks happen quickly and smoothly, not to mention the fact that it is insanely convenient. You can set up such control by clicking on the keyboard icon at the bottom right. Then click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner. The key assignment menu opens. We select any place on the screen where we want to replace by pressing a key and assign a convenient button. So we do anything with everything.

You can experiment a lot and for a long time. The result may be a good control.


A game that almost everyone has heard of and that many have played. As a rule, such games have a huge amount of reviews. Shadow Fight 2 is no exception, with a 4.5-star rating on Google Play. He has mostly positive reviews, from which it is useful to learn about constant updates, convenient management, quality balance, and just good developers.

Cheats and mods for the game Shadow Fight 2

There is only one mod for this game. It is designed to increase money. You can download it here.


Shadow Fight 2 is an exciting fighting game with unique combat mechanics. Affordable, lightweight, and popular all over the world. She has a lot of great reviews and is one of those games that can pull you in with your head.

Constantly accumulating experience for the next battles, improve your skills and knowledge of martial art. How to pass the most difficult levels, where to find the mod and what other new mechanics have the developers added.

You can download the game absolutely free of charge on any platform.

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